Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Ultra smooth and versatile sounding VSTi Sosnowski Synthesizer

Here’s another great gem of some music production software I found. The Sosnowski Synth is a 4 oscillator software synth for windows that has a ton of great features and really easy programming interface. I downloaded the demo and made a quick video of me playing around with some of the presets.

The one thing that really impressed me about this VST was its smoothness in sound. It had a very clean and pure sound. The organ and string sounds especially were beautiful. It has a robust filter section, as well as reverb, delay, autopan, and chorus. Also, there’s a really awesome parametric EQ.

This synth will run in both standalone mode (for live performance) and VSTi mode. There’s a fully functioning demo, which is what I used to make the video that lets you explore it before you buy it, it just inserts 2 seconds of silence ever minute or so in demo mode.

Overall I think its a very robust software synth that has some incredible sounds, flexible programming, nice sounding fx and is fairly inexpensive at only $19.99. Click here to check out more demos, download or purchase! 

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