Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Free Akai MPC type Sampler VSTi, Groovebox plugin! Freeware!

free MPC type sampler


It took me some furious Googling, but finally found a free MPC-ish type drum machine, sampler, sequencer online that runs as a VST plugin! Nasty Looper is a really awesome piece of software that is fully free and will run on any windows DAW. The title is very misleading, since it’s not a looper at all, but is really a cross between an MPC sampler and a Roland Groovebox.

You can easily assign samples to different “pads” then just as easily map them to your midi controller of choice by simply right clicking each pad and selecting map from the submenu. It also has a filter, fx, and a groovebox function. I personally don’t see much use to having a sequencer in the plugin itself since you’ll already be loading it into a host DAW anyway, but still cool I guess if you wanted to run a very simple host and use Nasty Looper for live performance.

Either way this is exactly what I was looking for and it works amazingly. It’s free but the developer is asking for donations. I think it’s really worth it to donate since its really quite good! I’ve already started using this in a new song. Can’t wait to play with it more!


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