Friday, March 27, 2015

G-Stomper | The Best Music Making App for Android

iOS may have a lot of the big names like Korg, Moog and Fairlight, but there’s a great app out there for Android that holds a ton of power and quite capable of making incredible music in the palm of your hand!

G-stomper is a full music production suite that works on your Android device. It is a sample pattern-based sequencer that also now features a built in synth. There are tons of great features like programmable filters, pitch, fill ins, swing feature, pattern and song creation, render to wav function and more.

It has already been around for a couple of years now, but this is not some one trick pony app. It is constantly being developed and improved upon. Not only that, even early versions were pretty great. I was so impressed with it early on that I created an entire album made using only G-stomper in 2013.If you’ve ever used a pattern sequencer or groovebox you should find G-Stomper very intuitive. There’s also an incredibly active Google Plus users group where you can get answers to any question you might have. This is a great app, and is hours and hours of fun. You can make entire albums right on your phone!

There’s also tons of sound add on packs you can get from the Google Play store, a couple even a couple made by me that are samples of my Mothman synths. I highly recommend this app. If you want to get into making electronic music and don’t have much space or just would rather use your phone than a computer, this is for you.

Also just so you know, I am not affiliated with G-Stomper in anyway. Learn more and get G-stomper here!

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