Monday, September 19, 2022

You can have an authentic sounding vintage Simmons Drum Kit sound without spending $4000 (only $40!)

 ALYJAMES LAB has really made one of the most impressive drum VSTs I have ever seen in my life. I'm sure if you're reading this, you know what Simmons drums are, but if not, they were the drum sound of the 80s, electronic drums that were not just pads playing samples, they truly were "electronic drums". As in, when you hit a pad on an SDS7 drum kit, you were actually triggering an analog synthesizer that created the sounds.

This is why in the past, most Simmons emulation never really sounded exactly like the real thing. Not that you can't make samples sound cool or good, but it's just a different technology all together. Analog synth-drums have all sorts of modulators that digital ones generally just don't have, such a velocity effecting pitch or modulation controls, filters and other things. This makes them have a very unique sound that is nearly endlessly customizable. 

They DON'T sound like acoustic drums.... and they're not supposed to. 

ALYJAMES LAB painstakingly recreated the internals of the old Simmons electronic drum modules inside of a plugin called VSDS-X for Mac and Windows that you can hook up to your modern electronic drum set. To say that this thing sounds good is an understatement. It truly sounds analog to my ears and absolutely amazing.

Below is a video I created with the plugin, then below that I put 65Drums amazing review of this plugin. (which was how I found out about it too) 

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