Monday, July 1, 2024

Damon Che Returns to Drumming In Epic Instrumental Recording Project!

Damon Che is one of my biggest influences on drums since the 1990s, and I'm happy to call him a friend these days. Recently he shared this incredible release with me that he took part in with Joseph A. Peragine. Joseph is raising awareness for Schizophrenia with his music, having been diagnosed with the illness himself. The first half of the album has Chris Pennie of The Dillinger Escape Planon drums, and the second half is Damon with Joseph on all other instruments.

The music to me sounds like a logical continuation of some of the later Don Cab material, like maybe something like the song Railroad Cancellation expanded upon. There are no heavy distorted guitars, but plenty of rhythmic hooks to grab you, as well as a truly epic 16+ minute track (Module 4) that has this killer hypnotic 5/4 tom groove. There's a great vibe and consistent feel through the second half of the album that features Che on drums. I've created a playlist below with all the Che material.

Absolute must hear!

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