Electronic drum consulting

 Do you have a venue, place of worship, home, or estate you would like to install electronic drums? Electronic drums are the wave of the future and are much better for controlling volume in a live setting. There are more options in this field than ever before which is why you may want help in deciding what to buy and how to get everything setup.

Somewhat unintentionally, I have become one of the foremost authorities on the subject. I now have a YouTube subscriber count of over 30,000 people who have gotten advice from my expertise. I have worked directly with Electronic Drum Companies, and other musical instruments, testing their products, helping fine tune them, and reviewing them for my viewers. 

In addition to that I have customized and built many electronic drum sets from acoustic sets, this process is called e-drum conversion. These drums are very popular because of their acoustic look but still have the advantage of being fully electronic. Just about any electronic drum set can be made into an electronic one with the right knowhow. 

In addition to drums, I can also help you design your whole stage setup to go completely electronic. Have maximum control over your sound, your space, and be on the cutting edge of music technology!