Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Josh Dun's of Twenty One Pilots Hybrid Drum Setup


Josh Dun is the solid drummer behind the duo Twenty One Pilots. He plays an important role in the band since they are only a two piece with a lot of live sequencing going on via Ableton Live and Josh is the one starting and stopping all of these during the set without ever touching a laptop. 

What is really cool about this setup is it's compact(ish) but he's doing quite a lot with it. The basic acoustic part of the set is a 4 piece drum kit, but you'll notice 3 Yamaha Silicone pads, a popcorn snare, a Roland SPD-SX and an iPad. There's no laptop next to the kit, because he is mirroring the screen on the iPad to his left. All the controls are done with pads and footswitches. This can all be configured within Ableton, which even though it is backing tracks, you still have control over them while playing drums. 

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