Saturday, March 13, 2021

How did Jay Weinberg (of Slipknot) make the drum sounds on his Youth Code drum cover?

 If you've seen Jay Weinberg of Slipknot's awesome drum cover of Youth Code's track Puzzle, you might be wondering what patch he was using on the Roland TD-50 to get that awesome drum sound. That's exactly what I did when I heard it. I thought to myself, hmmm, I have a TD-27, does it have those samples?

Turns out this isn't a TD-50 patch at all, and you could get this same exact drum sounds using not only a TD-27, but even with a $379 Alesis Nitro kit, rather than a $5000 Roland TD-50 (though I'm sure the feel of the Roland would be much more realistic). 

Check out the video then read below for the details on how to get the sounds!

The way Weinberg achieved this sound was though a drum sample library by Kurt Ballou called 'Room Sound'. 

The way that this works is you purchase the sample library through the website above ($89), then load it into Kontakt 6. Kontakt 6 is a sampler plugin that runs on Mac and Windows, and they also offer a free version called Kontakt 6 Player that you can download and install on your computer. After you have purchased the Kurt Ballou Room Sound library, you can load it into the Konktakt player and control it using your e-drum kit via the USB MIDI output on your drums!

This is not the only drum software out there, but I thought this drum sound was really good especially the toms, and especially for heavy music or metal. Plus at only $89 bucks, that's even cheaper than buying EZDrummer 2 (which is also great).

Anyway, I just found this interesting and thought I would share with you all out there who were curious. 

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