Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Alternative Drummer Profile: (AL)ICE


AD Profile #1

Meet Alice from the UK!

“My name is Alice and I play a millennium mps 850. I use Logic Pro to record my drums. I record myself playing using three different angles: one front, one side and one above. I only have one camera so I take three separate takes and then edit the videos together. This gives me an opportunity to edit together the best playing out of the three takes. For example, if I play a fill in one take and not in the other two, I’ll keep make sure that the fill is in the final track. 

I’ve started to use drumless tracks so my playing can be heard without any double hits/overlapping from the original track. I use an app called moises to do this. It’s not perfect but it does the job. I mix my own drumming into the original song using the drums and plugins available on logic. Once I’m happy with how it sounds, I bounce it and send the audio as an mp3 track along with my three recordings to my friend who has a bachelors in VFX and he edits the videos together. I currently upload every Saturday, typically after work so my upload times vary between 5-9pm UK time. Occasionally I’ll upload on Sunday instead.” 

Thank you, Alice, for sharing your setup and details! Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube Channel!

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